Prices for woven items vary depending on the weight of the yarn and the desired dimensions of the item. All orders will be quoted before the weaving begins.  Each run will be charged a loom set up fee, plus a per unit fee. Here are some pricing guidelines to give you an idea of what to expect:

Loom set up fee: Each production run will be charged a set up fee based on the number of warp ends in the run.  The number of warp ends is determined by the thickness of your yarns.  Finer yarns require more ends per inch than thicker yarns.  See the chart below for estimates based on standard sizes.

Per unit fees:  The per unit fee is based on the desired width and length of the finished product.  The per unit fee includes all steps of standard finishing.  See the chart below for estimates based on standard sizes.

Finishing:  Our standard finishing includes washing, pressing and knotted fringe.  There is no additional fee for standard finishing.  Special finishes (twisted fringe, no fringe, etc) are available for an additional fee.  Special finishing fees will be quoted on a per order basis.

Other fees:  We reserve the right to charge other fees if we find that your yarn requires special handling.  We prefer to work with yarn on cones, but can handle twisted skeins provided they are neatly wound.  We also prefer to work with continuous yardage (no knots or splicing in the yarns).  Yarns that are excessively tangled or knotted/spliced may require special handling fees.  Such fees will be discussed and quoted prior to the start of weaving.

Product Approx. Standard Size
(Finished W x L)
Average Setup Fee Per Unit Fee (based on std size)
Scarf 6.5" x 50" $40 - $56 $15
Wrap (rectangular shawl) 16" x 75" $90 - $126 $45
Lap Throw 36" x 45" $200 - $280 $60
Ruana 46" x 45" (seamed) $130 - 182 $85
Yardage 36" x 36" $200 - $280 $50
Triangular Shawl** 5.5' along longest edge** Not applicable** $100 for single strand, $25 each additional strand

**Triangular Shawls are woven on a different style loom.  There is no set up fee for these.  They are great for bulky weight yarns that are too heavy for traditional cloth.  For most bulky yarns, one strand will work just fine.  Triangular shawls can also be made from less bulky yarns by running 2 or more strands together.

Note:  All orders placed with North Brook Mill HandWovens are subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Not a weaver?  See our FAQ page to help clear up the weave speak!

Please call or email us with any questions.
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Berlin, MA 01503

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